Competition Rules

Members should note that the following entry rules apply:-

1. Entries for each competition are as stated in the programme.

2. Digital images to be sized to 1400 x 1080 pixels. Digital images to be submitted to Presentation Co-ordinator the Wednesday before the competition.

3. Maximum print size is A4, maximum mount size is A3. All prints must be mounted.

4. The placing of a projected image or print in a competition excludes it from other internal Club Competitions, and from use as an entry in an alternative format.

5. A member entering a print or projected image for any competition must have taken the original image (or images) from which that print or projected image has been derived.

6. All images must be titled. The filename of a digital image will be its title. All print entries to be mounted and titled on the back of the mount.

The top 5 images are placed in each competition and marks awarded. Images chosen for the Digital Slide Battles with Digibox and Beacon are also awarded marks. At the AGM in May, the overall winners of the 'Projected Image' and 'Print' competitions are announced.